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21. Color Guard. Drum Corps International. Bluecoats Captain 2014 2013 2012. Glassmen 2011 2010. WGI. Redline Percussion 2011. Michigan. Texas. UNT. Austin. UT. Goof. Committed. Mess.


If you miss your corps and you’re sad, clap your hands
*clap clap*

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Bluecoats 2014 | Tilt (97.175)

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Sometimes I get really sad that I’m graduating with 5+ years of college

But then I remember that nothing I would have been achieving sooner would be better than my 5 years of drum corps. Even though marching pushed me behind in school, I wouldn’t trade ANY of my 5 years for anything.

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Go to bed, mon. Your feelings are coming out.

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"I wanna be your “1am I can’t sleep” text"
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hello ladies i googled feminism please sleep with me

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Why is life doing the thing

Where like 4 different guys are trying to be flirty to me but like idk how to flirt back or do anything idkz ok

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outfit for the first day of school


outfit for the first day of school

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Anonymous asked: Who is someone that can always make you feel loved?



Monica seems to do a really great job of that but she has to since she is best friend 5ver. I have maybe 3 other friends that will if I need them too

Hi das me. Luv u

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"Drum corps don’t peak, staffs do."
Derek Gipson
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ho-ly shit

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Anonymous asked: I loved reading your dci story. very fascinating to me. also, were you the girl in the blue devils video?


Thank you! I have to update it now after this summer. So thanks for the reminder :p

But yes I was haha. The one who kept saying “Wow!”

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Bluecoats Rifle Line rehearsing their TILT prop exchange.

OMG the notes! Always reblogging this :)


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